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Article Alert Online: February 2018

IN06  Cha, Victor.  NORTH KOREA AND THE OLYMPICS (Center for Strategic & International Studies, January 10, 2018,  2 pages) 북한과 올림픽 -  Click here for available text on the Internet
Given the  agreement this week for North Korean participation  in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics next month, there will be efforts to display some form of inter-Korean unity in addition to the participation of North Korean athletes and Olympic Organizing Committee officials in the Games.


IN07  Snyder, Scott. INTER-KOREAN OLYMPIC AGREEMENT: AN OPENING TO REDUCED TENSIONS, FOR NOW (Council of Foreign Relations, January 9, 2018, 19 pages) -북간 올림픽 합의긴장완화를 위한 시작당분간 - Click here for available text on the Internet

High-level officials from North and South Korea met at the Peace House at Panmunjom today and successfully concluded an agreement in principle that would enable North Korea’s full participation in the Pyeongchang Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. North Korea decided to send a high-level delegation, Olympic committee delegation, athletes, cheering squad, cultural performance troupe, observation delegation, and press corps to the Pyeongchang Olympic Games.


IN08  Byrne, Thomas. KIM JONG UN'S NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: WHAT IT MEANS  (Center for Strategic & International Studies/PacNet #3, January 10, 2018,  3 pages)북한 김정은 신년사에 담긴 의미 - Click here for available text on the Internet

Why, after giving South Korean President Moon Jae-in the cold shoulder since his inauguration in May 2017, has North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un suddenly warmed up to South Korea, calling for an opening and dialogue in his New Year’s Day address?


IN09  Dobbins, James. NOTHING NEW FROM NORTH KOREA (RAND Corporation.  January 12, 2018, 4 page) 북한으로 부터 새로운 것은 없다 - Click here for available text on the Internet

Kim Jong Un's recent proposal for talks with South Korea is by no means unprecedented. And while the overture could somewhat ease tensions in the region, there is no reason to believe that Kim is ready to give up his nuclear arsenal.

EC06 – Serafeim, George. FACEBOOK, BLACKROCK, AND THE CASE FOR PURPOSE-DRIVEN COMPANIES (Harvard Business Review, January 16, 2018, various pages) 페이스북블랙락목적이 이끄는 미국회사 사례 Click here for available text on the Internet

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that his platform needs to change. Community feedback has shown that public content has been “crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other,” according to Zuckerberg. As a result, the company says it will be focusing more on promoting posts from friends rather than from media outlets, thereby leading to more-meaningful social interactions.

EC07 – Muller, Joann. HOW AUTONATION, AMERICA'S BIGGEST CAR DEALER, IS FUTURE-PROOFING ITS BUSINESS (Forbes, January 16, 2018, various pages) 미국대표 자동차서비스회사오토네이션 (AutoNation)의 비즈니스 전망 Click here for available text on the Internet 
Car dealer margins on new car sales are already razor-thin; if people start relying on car-sharing services as a substitute for car ownership, many dealers, most of them long-held family businesses, could be in jeopardy. Mike Jackson, chief executive of AutoNation, the country's largest dealership chain, has a potential antidote. He's built a recognized brand across 16 states, selling vehicles from virtually every carmaker, generating an estimated $21.4 billion in revenue, the most of any public dealership group.


EC08 – Ceder, Ineke; Erkut, Sumru. UNPREDICTABLE SCHEDULES DISPROPORTIONATELY HURT WOMEN’S CAREERS (Harvard Business Review, January 8, 2018, various pages) 예측이 어려운 일정과 여성경력손상과의 관계 Click here for available text on the Internet 
The barriers that keep women out of leadership roles have been well documented. And they’re persistent -- increases in women’s share of leadership over time have been in the single digits. In fields with long or unpredictable schedules, with schedules that professionals can’t control, or with extensive travel, women’s representation in leadership is even lower.


EC09 – Murphy, Megan. SATYA NADELLA ON AI, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, AND MICROSOFT’S SOUL (Bloomberg Businessweek, December 21, 2017, various pages) 사티아 나델라 마이크로소프트 최고경영자의 키워드공감 Click here for available text on the Internet 
Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella is putting his own stamp on the tech giant once led by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. He spoke to Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Megan Murphy in New York on Dec. 13, 2017. Following are excerpts from their conversation.


EC10 – Mullin, Emily. A CHEAP AND EASY BLOOD TEST COULD CATCH CANCER EARLY (MIT Technology Review, January 18, 2018, various pages) 존스홉킨스대학교가 개발한 획기적인 암 조기진단 방법 Click here for available text on the Internet 

A simple-to-take test that tells if you have a tumor lurking, and even where it is in your body, is a lot closer to reality—and may cost only $500.  

US05 – Livingston, Gretchen. THEY’RE WAITING LONGER, BUT U.S. WOMEN TODAY MORE LIKELY TO HAVE CHILDREN THAN A DECADE AGO (Pew Research Center, January 18, 2018, 12 pages) 최근 미국에서 출산율 증가 Click here for available text on the Internet

The share of U.S. women at the end of their childbearing years who have ever given birth was higher in 2016 than it had been 10 years earlier. Some 86% of women ages 40 to 44 are mothers, compared with 80% in 2006, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.The share of women in this age group who are mothers is similar to what it was in the early 1990s.

US06 – Robbins, Katherine Gallagher. BUILDING ON WOMEN’S WINS IN 2017 (Center for American Progress, January 19, 2018, 4 pages) 커지고 있는 미국 정가의 여성 파워 Click here for available text on the Internet

Standing of the shoulders of trailblazers like Shirley Chisholm, women of color such as Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), and Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) saw tremendous success in 2016. Building on their breakthroughs, elections in 2017 resulted in a number of firsts for candidates who are women and women of color.

US07 – Sheiner, Louise. THE LONG-TERM IMPACT OF AGING ON THE FEDERAL BUDGET (Brookings, January 11, 2018, 27 pages)  미국 고령화가 연방 예산에 장기적으로 미치는 영향 Click here for available text on the Internet

The United States is in the midst of a demographic transition. Just 10 years ago, the share of the population that was 65 or older was only 12½ percent. Today, it is 15 percent, and in just 20 years, it is projected to reach 21 percent. These demographic changes have aroused considerable concern about our fiscal future, as much of the budget of the federal government is allocated to old-age entitlement programs.


US08 – Pistrui, Joseph. THE FUTURE OF HUMAN WORK IS IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY, AND STRATEGY(Harvard Business Review, January 18, 2018,5  pages) 일의 미래: 상상력, 창조력과 전략을 필요로 할 것이다 Click here for available text on the Internet

It seems beyond debate: Technology is going to replace jobs, or, more precisely, the people holding those jobs. Few industries, if any, will be untouched. Knowledge workers will not escape. Recently, the CEO of Deutsche Bank predicted that half of its 97,000 employees could be replaced by robots. One survey revealed that “39% of jobs in the legal sector could be automated in the next 10 years. Separate research has concluded that accountants have a 95% chance of losing their jobs to automation in the future.”

US09 – Schaffer, Amanda. THE REMARKABLE CAREER OF SHIRLEY ANN JACKSON (MIT Technology Review, December 19, 2017, various pages) 세상을 바꾸는 여성, 셜리 앤 잭슨 물리학박사 스토리 - Click here for available text on the Internet
Shirley Ann Jackson ’68, PhD ’73, worked to help bring about more diversity at MIT, where she was the first African-American woman to earn a doctorate. She then applied her mix of vision and pragmatism in the lab, in Washington, and at the helm of a major research university.