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Article Alert Online: August 2017

IN35 Snyder, Scott. LAUNCH OF THE TRUMP-MOON ERA IN U.S.-KOREA RELATIONS (Council on Foreign Relations-Asia Unboud, July 12, 2017, 4 pages) -미관계에서 트럼프- 대통령 시대 시작 Click here for available text on the Internet
On 29 June 2017, South Korean President Moon Jae-in arrived in Washington for an early summit with his US counterpart Donald Trump. Despite dramatic contrasts in the circumstances, ideologies and style of these two unlikely partners, the convergence of national interests and common objectives concerning North Korea was sufficient to keep the US–South Korea alliance on track. Ironically, successful coordination on the issue of North Korea exposed differing views on trade and burden sharing that will keep diplomats from both countries busy.

– Santoro, David; Queries, Media. DON’T GO BALLISTIC! THE LEAST BAD AGENDA AFTER NORTH KOREA’S ICBM TEST (Center for Strategic & International Studies, July 6, 2017, 2 pages) 북한의 대륙간 탄도 미사일 테스트 이후 최선의 아젠다 Click here for available text on the Internet
On July 4, the day the United States celebrated its independence, North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), that is, a missile capable of striking the US homeland. This is highly symbolic and will drive many in Washington to demand drastic measures in response, including preemptive strikes, even as experts debate whether this missile technology can land on US soil. In recent weeks, influential politicians, notably Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham, have urged the Trump administration to consider such strikes if Pyongyang crossed that threshold because they, like many US policymakers, have for years regarded it a “strategic game-changer.”

Cohn, Gary D.; Mcmaster, H. R. THE TRUMP VISION FOR AMERICA ABROAD (New York Times/Opinion, July 13, 2017, 3 pages) 트럼프 대통령의 해외순방 비젼 Click here for available text on the Internet  
President Trump just concluded a second overseas trip to further advance America’s interests and values, and to strengthen our alliances around the world. Both this and his first trip demonstrated the resurgence of American leadership to bolster common interests, affirm shared values, confront mutual threats and achieve renewed prosperity.

Haass, Richard. TRY DIPLOMACY FIRST ON NORTH KOREA, EVEN THOUGH IT PROBABLY WON’T WORK (USA Today/Opinion, July 11, 2017, 3 pages) 성공하지 못할지라도 북한문제에 대해 먼저 외교적으로 시도해봐라 Click here for available text on the Internet  
The alternatives are living with a North Korea that poses a direct threat to the U.S. or attacking it knowing a large and costly war could ensue. Every U.S. president since Bill Clinton has tried to slow or stop North Korea’s nuclear advance, mostly through economic sanctions and negotiations. It is clear that this policy, dubbed “strategic patience,” has failed. The recent test by North Korea of what appeared to be a long range ballistic missile settled the debate.

EC36 – Monroy-Hernández, Andrés; Cranshaw, Justin. HOW WE BUILT A VIRTUAL SCHEDULING ASSISTANT AT MICROSOFT (Harvard Business Review, July 28, 2017, various pages) 마이크로소프트사의 가상스케쥴관리비서 사례 - Click here for available text on the Internet
There is a long history of AI research around how to build digital personal assistants, but none of the early work on AI scheduling has taken off. There are several reasons for this. Overall, we believe that creating and using systems like Calendar.help to manage routine tasks is an easy way for companies to leverage AI in their daily business practice.

– Agrawal, Ajay; Gans, Joshua; Goldfarb, Avi. HOW AI WILL CHANGE THE WAY WE MAKE DECISIONS (Harvard Business Review, July 26, 2017, various pages) 인공지능시대의 의사결정방법 - Click here for available text on the Internet
Economic theory suggests that AI will substantially raise the value of human judgment. People who display good judgment will become more valuable, not less. But to understand what good judgment entails and why it will become more valuable, we have to be precise about what we mean.

– Fengler, Wolfgang; Kharas, Homi. A GOLDEN AGE FOR BUSINESS? EVERY SECOND FIVE PEOPLE ARE ENTERING THE GLOBAL MIDDLE CLASS (Brookings, July 27, 2017, various pages) 비즈니스 전성기? 초마다 다섯명씩 증가하는 글로벌 중산층 - Click here for available text on the Internet
Today, around 3.3 billion people belong to the global middle class. This is now the world’s largest group, which continues to rise rapidly. In fact, the middle class is on track to reach 4 billion by 2021 and 5 billion by 2027, representing 60 percent of the world’s population. Even though some people talk of a declining middle class in the West, the truth is that the global middle class is growing at an unprecedented speed. Every second, some five people enter the middle class. As people are moving up the income ladder, the group of “near poor” is declining at equal pace.

– Andes, Scott; Katz, Bruce. PITTSBURGH DOESN’T HAVE AN UBER PROBLEM (Brookings, June 22, 2017, various pages) 우버택시 (Uber) 사례를 통해 미국 피츠버그시 투자혁신 - Click here for available text on the Internet
Pittsburgh is an example of what many global cities now face. While specific firms have helped put them on the map, their real strength—and most pronounced threat—lies in their ability to develop, attract, and retain world class talent and generate global technology.

– Slaughter, Anne-Marie; LaForge, Gordon. THE WORLD OF WEBCRAFT: USING NETWORKS AGAINST SHADOW FINANCE (The Washington Quarterly, Summer 2017, 22 pages) 네트워크와 웹기술을 활용한 그림자 금융 (shadow finance) 대응 - Click here for available text on the Internet
The rules-based international order must adapt to tackle networked, transnational problems or else countervailing forces will ultimately undo that order. Here’s one adaptation: use a networked coalition of government officials, investors, businesses, and watchdog groups to tackle the massive shadow financial industry fueling global inequality, organized crime, state failure, and terrorism.

US29 Feldman, Andrew R. A NEW WAY OF WORKING WITH STATES AND LOCALITIES (Brookings, June 29, 2017, 8 pages) 연방정부는 주정부 지방정부와 새로운 관계를 맺어야 한다 Click here for available text on the Internet
If you are a public manager at the state and local level, you have likely seen firsthand that the federal government’s relationship with state and local governments focuses on compliance, not outcomes. The federal government needs a new relationship with states and localities that emphasizes evidence-based approaches and flexibility in exchange for stronger accountability for results.

Parker, Kim. AMERICA’S COMPLEX RELATIONSHIP WITH GUNS (Pew Research Center, June 22, 2017, 79 pages) 미국 총기 소지에 대한 의견 Click here for available text on the Internet
As a nation, the U.S. has a deep and enduring connection to guns. Integrated into the fabric of American society since the country’s earliest days, guns remain a point of pride for many Americans. Whether for hunting, sport shooting or personal protection, most gun owners count the right to bear arms as central to their freedom. At the same time, the results of gun-related violence have shaken the nation, and debates over gun policy remain sharply polarized.

Trainer, Mark. HEROES IN THE FIGHT AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING (Share America, July 7, 2017, 4 pages) 미국 국무부가 선정한 여덟명의 '인신매매 퇴치' 영웅들 Click here for available text on the Internet
During the release of the 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report, the Department of State recognized eight people for their tireless efforts to combat human trafficking. These heroes come from across the globe and range from law enforcement officials to labor union activists, from journalists to religious workers.

Feulner, Edwin J. THE UNITY OF AMERICA (The Heritage Foundation, July 5, 2017, 3 pages) 미국의 통일성 Click here for available text on the Internet
Despite our many differences, Americans have always come together every Independence Day to celebrate our national birthday. Which is truly fitting. From the nation’s beginnings, our leaders have warned that strength can be found only in unity.

EN36 – Victor, David G.; Yanosek, Kassia. THE NEXT ENERGY REVOLUTION (Foreign Affairs, July/August 2017, various pages) 차세대 에너지혁명 - Click here for available text on the Internet
The technology revolution has transformed one industry after another, from retail to manufacturing to transportation. Its most far-reaching effects, however, may be playing out in the unlikeliest of places: the traditional industries of oil, gas, and electricity.

– Buchanan, Michael. HELLO TRACTOR: AN APP TO CONNECT FARMERS WITH TRACTORS ON DEMAND (ShareAmerica, July 24, 2017, various pages) 헬로트렉터: 스마트폰 앱을 통해 농부와 트렉터를 온디맨드 (On-deman) 연결한 성공 사례 - Click here for available text on the Internet
This is how Hello Tractor works: Farmers text a booking agent, who schedules and dispatches a nearby tractor to till, transport, harvest or otherwise take care of his plot and others nearby that also need care. The tractor can handle up to 30 small plots. Hello Tractor connects and maps small farms, collects data on what’s growing where, can deliver fertilizer and other necessities, and even indicates when a tractor needs maintenance.

– Paul, Michael J.; Walsh, Brannon; Oliver, Jacques; Thomas, Dana. ALGAL INDICATORS IN STREAMS (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, June 2017, 44 pages) 미국의 하천 조류 지표와 수질 관리 사례 - Click here for available text on the Internet
EPA recently published a paper which describes how algal indicators can be used to develop water quality diagnostics for nutrient pollution. This paper can assist water managers in understanding how to use algae as indicators to detect nutrient pollution.

– Roberts, Timmons. IT’S ENERGY WEEK: HERE ARE 10 LESSONS ABOUT BUYING OR LEASING AN ELECTRIC CAR (Brookings, June 27, 2017, various pages) 미국 에너지주간: 전기자동차 구매 대여에 관한 가지 레슨 - Click here for available text on the Internet
Recently, my wife and I took the leap and leased a Chevy Bolt, a fully-electric car with no gas motor. It’s not a hybrid, but it does go over 240 miles on a charge. What have we learned? 

– Holzer, Harry J. THE FUTURE OF JOB TRAINING IN THE ERA OF AUTOMATION (Brookings, June 19, 2017, various pages) 자동화시대를 맞는 직업훈련의 미래 - Click here for available text on the Internet
While robots and automation are not likely to cause widespread unemployment anytime soon, Harry Holzer highlights the implications policymakers must consider for U.S. workforce development.

AR25 – Buchanan, Michael. U.S. RETURNS LOST TREASURES OF KOREA (Share America, June 30, 2017, 5 pages) 미국한국에 국보 반환  Click here for available text on the Internet
Priceless treasures from Korea’s Joseon Dynasty are on a journey home, after the U.S. government returned two royal seals to dignitaries from the Republic of Korea during a June 30 ceremony in Washington. The event was part of President Moon Jae-in’s four-day visit to the U.S. that included talks at the White House with President Trump.

AR26 – Ran, Tiffany. LOCAL PUBLISHER ‘READERS TO EATERS’ DEBUT CHILDREN’S BOOK: “CHEF ROY CHOI AND THE STREET FOOD REMIX” (Northwest Asian Weekly, June 30, 2017, 3 pages) 미국 Readers to Eaters 출판사에서 한국계 미국인 셰프 Roy Choi 관한 책을 출판했다  Click here for available text on the Internet
It’s never too early to introduce food literacy to children and families. At least that is the unofficial motto behind the Bellevue-based publisher and pop-up bookstore Readers to Eaters, founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Philip and June Jo Lee to help families explore food culture through reading.

AR27 – Monsen, Lauren. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM MAKES ITS ART AVAILABLE TO ALL (Share America, June 27, 2017, 5 pages) 뉴욕 메트로폴리탄 미술 박물관 예술작품 디지털판 37만여장 무료 공개   Click here for available text on the Internet
Art lovers rejoiced when New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art recently adopted an open-access policy for its artwork, allowing anyone to download free, high-resolution images of the approximately 375,000 public-domain artworks in the collection.